Ok ready to get your camera finger twitching?

You won’t hear a happier and prouder person answer when someone asks me where I’m from. Never once have I shirked from proclaiming I’m Scottish.

As biased as I am, Scotland is a beautiful country. Working our way up we have the borders with the famous Tweed fishing and mill towns. The Central belts hosts our major cities in Glasgow & Edinburgh with Stirling and Perth close by.

Moving up a bit we have our majestic west coast and Western Isles. On the mainland we have the Western Highlands including Argyll, Glen Etive. Glencoe and Loch Lomond. To the east we have the Fife Coast & Perthshire

Still heading northwards we start to hit the Loch Ness faultline with Inverness, Fort William & onto more barren but still absolutely stunning landscapes north of Ullapool. And I’ve not even mentioned the Speyside whisky trail.

Still looking to get further afield? Orkney & Shetlands Islands offer you a unique experience.

And all this in easy travelling distance.

Right now tell me you haven’t booked your tickets and packed your camera bag……………….