February 2007 took me and a group of friends to Morocco to celebrate someone’s 50th birthday.

The main aim of the trip was to do some trekking in the High Atlas Mountains but before that we had a few days in Marrakesh.

Marrakesh is a fascinating place with interesting and friendly people. The city centres around the  Djemma el Fna square with the souls all leading off it. During the day the square is full of orange sellers, snake charmers, story tellers and even false teeth sellers…..I didn’t ask where they were sourced from!!!

In the evening the square is taken over by food stalls where you can sit and enjoy the atmosphere.

Wander down any lane off the Djemma el Fna and you will be in the myriad of Souks with each area selling different items. All this is taking place with the distant calls to prayer.

We then headed off to the mountains and based ourselves in Imlil. Whilst there are numerous local riads to stay in with available guides if you fancy a bit of luxury make a booking at the Kasbah du Toubkal. The trekking in this area is wonderful as you climb up various valleys and happen on village which is still to see electricity. The local Berbers are always happy to invite you for a local mint tea. Given time this will rot your teeth with all the sugar which might explain the ready supply of falseys in Marrakesh.

We then spent another couple of days in Marrakesh.

There is no shortage of photographic opportunities here so get yourself along and mingle with the locals.