It was one massive stroke of luck that took me down to London in the summer of 2011. The very first time I applied for tickets to Wimbledon I scored for the Men’s Final. Unfortunately the Hibs Football Club & Scottish Independence supporting tennis hero Andy Murray was knocked out of the semi by Raphael Nadal……….anyhow I digress.

Walking in London just reminds you of the famous landmarks round every corner.  A trip to the London Eye rises you above the skyline to take in its many sights and gets your bearings sorted.  Time it well and you can chill out at the Southbank Festival and people watch to your hearts content at Covent Garden.

I won’t do a round up of all the sights as you must already know them.

To end on a good note (Murray beating) Nadal lost the final to Novak Djokavic………….serves him right!!!